Specialists’group of auto-cam providing optimal pleasant working environment
  • 2017. 09Selected as Hi-Seoul brand
  • 2017. 04Offering 22 N-CASS to government aided ‘Smart factory’ business
  • 2017. 03Introduced "N-CASS CORE" version “Intermold”
  • 2017. 02Award of Bucheon City Mayor
  • 2016. 05Selected as an enterprise of supply of ‘Smart Facroty’
  • 2016. 04Selection of the company for Employment and Labor Ministry as ‘Youth friendly’
  • 2015. 01Selection of the company for Human resource develpment
  • 2014. 08Contract distribution of PX Server
  • 2014. 01Selected as small hidden company
  • 2013. 08Selected as Venture Business by Small Business Corporation
  • 2013. 06Selected as ‘Best company to work for’
  • 2013. 05Certificated as MAIN-BIZ
  • 2012. 08Selected as a partner with Siemens NX and started business Siemens NX Solution
  • 2012. 04Launched Smart Machine UA with Hwacheon corporation
  • 2011. 11First export of N-CASS(Thailand)
  • 2010. 09Resistered patent on the automatic CAM system
  • 2009. 04Launched N-CASS the automatic CAM system V1.0
  • 2008. 12Auto-CAM/ NC unmanned consulting contract (Samsung and cooperates)
    Selected certified as Mold cooperates with Samsung VD
  • 2006. 12Export of NC Brain (Indonesia / 146,000)
  • 2005. 01Contract distribution of “Edge CAM” Korea
  • 2002. 12Contract with Vero (England) of “VISI” CAD/CAM system
  • 2000. 06 Established Nice Solutions Bank
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Started as a professional company specializing in mold processing and now it is 23th anniversary of our company in 2nd June 2023.
Thank you very much for your support and consideration of all the members of the Nice Solution family.
Although I have devoted my heart to the industry, I regret that I couldn't look at it better.

I will learn from the past 23 years and make a fresh start.
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